Sunday, 24 June 2018

Out of love - 91!

What are answers if not un-phrased questions?
On the days I’m in pain,
I re-read our conversations
And miraculously enough
The pain translates into hurt.
And thus you continue to be
My waiver of pain, anyway.
Such a constant, you!
Throw away those pieces of you that shatter self.
Too strong for the dark, too weak for the light, amidst the grey; I manage to survive.
But when the bravest soldiers lose the battles to win wars, they become losers wearing a mask of victory.
Dreams have become
Just like the morning dew
Which seems to be fresh for
The world & mundane for
Each leaf it falls on.

Maybe it was just
A phase when I thought
I could chase,
But those who brave hurricanes aren’t rattled by storms.
Battlegrounds aren’t meant
To offer anything beyond,
Killed souls, wounded warriors
And the good old fake pride.
More than a hundred volcanoes have exploded within & have hardened each soft corner of the heart. Do you think these petty storms will still be able to rattle me?
Weak in the knees
Trembling interiors of the heart
I walk towards the battleground
This time to lose the war,
And conquer the damn fears.

Resembling a loser,
Feeling a loser,
Chasing the lust
Of victory,
As always.

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