Monday, 23 February 2015

Come back, Please! _/\_

I consider myself sufficiently strong and emotionless. I used to believe people who love me won't  ever leave me and oblige the heaven. I never knew i would become so lonely once they are gone, i never knew i would RE-READ the letters they sent me. I thought this was a routine which would continue till the time sky is blue. Waiting for postman uncle was a very normal phenomena after every 15 days. I didn't even realise or notice that each letter had it's own fragrance and every envelope would have emotions filled in it. They told me I should'nt REGRET about the desicions i make, i believed them; they told me saying sorry should'nt hurt your ego, i believed them; they told me I look better when I smile, i believed them; they told me colours and music are life, i believed them; they told me knowledge matters more than marks, i believed them; they told me they won't leave me, and i believed them again. Yes! i whole heartedly believed that they won't ever leave me, but alas they both decided to ditch me.
As promised, good girls don't cry, i didn't cry. I SWEAR I haven't. Not even a single drop. But, all I want to know is if I can keep my promise then why couldn't you? You were the people who taught me promises are made so that you can fulfill them and make people smile.  I will still keep all my promises like a good girl. But, one day you will have to give me an answer. WHY DID YOU BREAK YOUR PROMISE? WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME? I was never supposed to miss you, because people who are a phone call away aren't missed. Right? You were on my speed dial and you still are and I think you always will be. The sad part is just that you don't answer my calls anymore, your phone doesn't have you now.
Unfortunately, the world is deprived of truck loads of awesomeness and positivity. The irreplaceable cool people swag will never be found.
Because with you a part of me died too. :(
Grand dad and Vikram Da you meant the world to me, you still do, and you will continue to do so.
I know you both love me, even if the world hates me,  you should have been here to make me feel loved.
BABA & VIKRAM DA, please come back. please!!!!!!

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