Friday, 6 February 2015

Happy Birthday Vikram Dada! :*

They are very few people who matter to me and Vikram dada you were the one who mattered the most to me. Choclate cake, Mazza and a mickey mouse ball pen is sorry now was my fixed return gift. A birthday in which the birthday boy doesn't get a gift and I have and now had the right on the BEST return gift. Choclate cake because CHOCLATE makes the world sweet and beautiful, MAZZA because tazza mazza helps you in refreshing your mind and MICKEY MOUSE BALL PEN because mickey mouse is my favourite cartoon and pen so that creative in all forms must flow.
I don't know how I have managed these 3 months without your support, guidance and love. All I know is that their is nobody now who would read what i write, listen to the instruments that i play, hate and yet love what i paint and most importantly answer the WIERDEST  questions that I ask.
You were the BEST GURU BHAI, BEST SENIOR, and everything that I ever wanted.
I know the heaven is obliged, but this planet has been deprived of the MOST BEAUTIFUL soul possible.
Yes! I will still celebrate your birthday or rather I will ensure WE all celebrate your birthday because we know you are watching us. Though, at the same time you have made us mad by leaving us but still as you say that "the show, the love for life and the spirit to party should never ever end"

Enjoy your birthday dada, where ever you are.

Happy 28th Birthday Vikram Dada!

I love you always!!!
Miss you like crazy!!!

[Dated: 6-Feb-2015]

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