Thursday, 26 February 2015

To a successful Faasla Rakhen! :D

YES! Project FaaslaRakhen was one successful project. It’s still very difficult for me to believe it, though. Few people asked me why do I call my project #FaaslaRakhen, the simple answer that I have for this question is: distance is the only thing which makes you realise a lot of things. Distance between reality and imagination, distance between what we are taught and what the world actually looks like, distance between life and death, distance between people living with you, the distance that you feel a person is gone and is yet around and most importantly the distance that letters used to reduce.
The reason why I think this project won is because of a favourite person’s magical powers or wishes.(I think her wishes are magical because it always leads to something magically beautiful)
The reason I did this project was because I wanted to figure out ways to reduce the faasla yet learn the importance of the same. Colour scheme chosen was green and blue because my favourite colour is green and I find blue very serene.
All in all this was by far the craziest experience. From wearing corporate formals to weirdest cartoon T-shirts for interviews, from making presentations to deciding the colour scheme, from craving for chocolates to red bull so that my brain functions more efficiently and most importantly  realising  that you will always have haters who will hate you whole heartedly, but will still pretend to be your well wishers.
I think that’s all about these maddening 92 days and truck loads of memories.
With hugs and smiles,

Signing off,

Project Faasla Rakhen [26-Feburary-2015]

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