Saturday, 21 February 2015

Favourite Person! :D :)

There are some people in life who matter to us, some people who mean a lot to us and there is one special person who means the world to us. Yes, there is one special person in everyone's life. I have that special person in my life too. She is a professor, a person who likes what i make on paper even if she doesn't she tells me she does, and she is the only peson who's consent matters to me. I have some kind of blind faith in her, at times i think i trust her more than myself.  
She is the only person whose hug makes me feel peaceful. Whenever I shiver, her hug is the only thing that is capable of making me calm and normal.  Her smile makes my day. At times I feel I don't deserve her but I know I can't do without her too. It's just not possible for me to stay away from her.
I don't know why does it happen. I don't know why did it happen. I don't know how did it happen. All I know is that this is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. 
Also, she is THE only person I am grateful and thankful to. Her presence made me realise what gratitude is meant for. 
I was told nobody is perfect but after I met her I realised there is no need to be perfect because being you is perfection itself. I don't claim to be a perfectionist. All I want in life is to be half of what she is. I'd love to be her. I'd be honored to identify myself as her student and I'd be glad if I can make her smile. 
All I pledge is to keep her happy and make her proud of myself!!!!! :)

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