Friday, 10 April 2015

Thinking beyond cricket!

Yet another CRICKET championship, when will this country realise that we have other sports as well. I'm not saying cricket championships shouldn't exist all I'm trying to say is excess of anything is always harmful and that is exactly what we are doing with cricket. Cricket has now become a business with these disgusting match fixings, pre planned match injuries and what not.
Let's give a fair chance to all sports. I'm pretty sure we have a good number of shooters, athletes,  tennis players etc.
Instead of making 100 cricket stadiums let's just make 2 for each prominent sport. That's not much to ask for.
If you technically see all I am trying to convey is let equality prevail. Let's give equal opportunities to every sports person. Let there be equal amount of basketball courts, tennis courts,  football grounds, cricket stadiums etc so that everyone can practice as much they want to so that they can atleast give it there best shot.
And for heaven's sake let's not use cricketers for advertising purposes they aren't meant for that. They specialise in a particular art form let them enhance and enrich that.  Let the sportsmanship and the zeal to play survive.
Please don't assassinate the motive behind sports and games.

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