Saturday, 18 April 2015

The 3 fearful P's!

The 3 fearful P's that I'm talking or rather writing about here are pen pencil and poison. 
These 3 things are basically the fears of the world namely Word art and death.
Pen here symbolises the ability to express through words. Verbal communication, written expression, verbal expression, written communication etc. It is not that we lack the ability to express, it primarily is about the inability  to accept the expression or the emotion that one is trying to convey.
Pencil is something used to draw something specific or ambiguous. It can be figurative,  serene,  obnoxious, probably anything and everything that is inside you. Representation of a turmoil or something peaceful. To be precise it would be the inner and soulful you. The reason why one is scared of this kind of expression is because we simply lack the ability to accept ourselves the way we are, our body, our originality and most importantly our emotions.
Poison here represents the fear of death. The  constant anxiety which occurs probably because you have some notion whether you utilised your time properly or not, whether you have accomplished all your goals or not etc.
The solution to these 3 fearful P's is a single P that is Peace. Peace within. That peace is only attained once you are satisfied with yourself.
This peace may sound utopian to some extent it probably is but nonetheless this is the only solution I can think of.

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