Sunday, 19 April 2015

Teachers/mentors: A necessity!

I don't know what role do students/ interns play in teachers, seniors mentors lives. All i know is they have played and continue to play a crucial role in our lives. I don't know whether i have made any of them happy or proud. But what remained constant was the rock solid support that came from them. The ability to make me realise that even if i come last i must reach the finish line and they will be there standing on the finish line to hug me because i didnt give up.
Some of them have been there to see at my lowest and yet had the courage to love and hug me. The continuous support which kept me reminding  that no matter what I am there with you, helped me take the most crucial decisions of my life. From telling me how i am not the worst being to why i should not stop working for things i love to do and probably want to pursue, these people have done it all. Some teachers didnt teach me officially yet taught me a lot. Some became the go to person more than a teacher. One person's hug became the most powerful calming factor for me. Her hug has something really special and magical which somehow soothes my soul and calms me down.
I till date text/call some of them just to hear that they are there for and with me. I know it takes truck loads of courage to deal with such a hyper as well as weird being and you people have it the most because you handle me and i know you will continue to do so.
I won't say thank you because i really cant thank you people enough for being there. All i will say is i pledge to stay, help and hopefully make you people proud of me too! :)

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