Saturday, 12 September 2015

A box!

Put some memories
And some priced possessions
And your cash
Of course.

Lock it
And dump it
In some corner
Of your room
Assuming and believing
That it'll keep
All that secure.

It'll keep things
Safe for you
Without desiring and demanding
Anything in return
You ignore it 

There are layers
Of dust on it.
The layers
Which pressurise and suffocate it
But you still
Shamelessly don't pay heed to it.

Are you scared
To reopen it
Because it has
Things which are precious to you
And you fear that you'll lose
What is locked in it
Hence you've adopted
The theory of
"Ignorance is bliss"

It's strange how
This supposedly
Insignificant thing
Does so much to and for us.

A box.

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