Thursday, 17 September 2015

Dream world!

Once upon a dream in a land far far away there was a world where colours ruled, love prevailed and passion dominated. Smiles were brighter than the Venus and tears were an unknown phenomenon here. Nobody knew what pain was because they had never experienced it. Happiness was like oxygen,  necessary and available in abundance. Magic and glitter were  components which made this world beautiful. Logic didn't work here, love did. Bullets of love were shot from the gun of care, to heal the broken souls.  Beings here cared first and loved next. They knew that it was affection which could heal every scar and injury without any medical therapy. Affection and hugs were the doctors here who treated almost everything that would hurt the beings here.
There was no clock in this world, no appointments, no deadlines to meet. Everything was easy, calm and relaxed. Flowers of chocolate were found. Clouds of strawberry cream blessed the sky. There was sweetness all around. Success was defined in a different way. Rejection did not exist here. Every thing and being were accepted the way they were, without any amendments and modifications. You could feel the freedom to be here. There was no good and bad, beautiful and ugly, right and wrong here.

Alas! The alarm rang and I was back here in the Milky Way galaxy where logic brutally defeated magic.

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