Monday, 7 September 2015

This bubble!

This bubble
In which
I wish
To live
Is made up of
Colours, music
Dreams, happiness
Smiles and passion.

A place where
The fear to lose
Is lost
The greed to win
And succeed
Is ignored
Happiness is success
Contentment is achievement
Love is the ultimate aim.

Art is not loved here
It's lived
I breathe it
I seize it
I believe it
For it's all
I have
It's mine
It's in me
Flowing in my veins
Like my blood.

Tears don't visit
My bubble often
They are the
There is no sorrow
Only love to borrow

Ah! This bubble
I wish
I could stay
Here for real
Alas! This was reel
And not real.

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