Friday, 9 October 2015

Out of love- 26!

And then the story was left incomplete because there was nothing to articulate. 
It was all numb and dark now.
In this quest to shine I forgot how to glow!
Under the 
Moon lit sky
I stand 
And be 
Not what they
Want me to be 
Nor what I 
Wish to be 
I be what I am
Committing a mistake and repeating a mistake are two very different things! 
If losing a battle helps you win hearts isn't it a victory in disguise
There was 
A story
A dream 
A day
A joy
A broken star can't hamper the skys glory! 
There is escapism only because of enforced locks! 
To you I am, exactly what you see.
And then the ribbons floated around her only to make her realise how free she was.

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