Friday, 16 October 2015

Circle and transitions!

Its strange how we always claim to love light but never understand its value without dark. Its captivity which induces the need and the craving to attain freedom whether within or around is a different aspect. The transition from light to dark, good to bad, black to white is all cyclic and that is probabbly the reason why a circle is one of the most complicated shapes that i feel exists.
I maybe wrong here but i feel a strong essence of magic when it comes to emotional transitions. Its strange how people actually affect your mood while fat books claim that your mood should not be dependant on factors that surround you. They say dont give your remote to anyone whereas I feel I never had my own remote. How can I give something which i dont posses?
People around me whether good or very good affect me and even though i hate to accept it there is no way in which i can deny this fact. This is the kind of hypocritical circle that scares me.
I love a colour today and i start hating that same colour after sometime I refuse to acknowledge the reason behind it despite of knowing it very well. Everything whether within or around seems to be a circle.

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