Sunday, 25 October 2015

For forever!

Once upon a dream in a bubble far far away somewhere between the bright Venus and little Pluto existed a world, a world less known. This world was blessed with different species like our normal world. The only difference between the real world and this NOT SO real world was that every species here had traits of the other. A bear could understand a kangaroo's language and vice versa.
     It was a normal day for this crazy kangaroo called Dev. Dev woke up to its ridiculous alarm tone, went to the loo, Shat, flushed it, washed hands, did everything else required to kick start a normal day. On the other hand there was a crazier than the craziest bear known as Sonu. It was an almost normal day for this bear too until Dev the kangaroo entered it's life.
       One sunny day when the clouds were almost on the verge of sabotaging all the light, Dev met Sonu. They met, like good sophisticated cultured animals initially and after a couple of meetings there was no need to meet each other. They were connected all the time until one of them slept. Seeing each other's comical face was now officially an addiction.
  They laughed, fought, cared with and for each other. For Dev Sonu was priority and it was same for Sonu too. They had stitched each other's tattered soul, re-shaped each other's fragmented heart and had become an essential component of each other's life. Probabbly as essential as shit, because a day spent without shitting is like a day spent in a rotten hell. Both of them were so different from each other that the only similar or common thing they shared was SHIT. Dev shat and Sonu shat too.
  There was no reason or logic behimd this bond. It was and still is a bond because it just is. Those days when Sonu was not so well Dev would feel scared, very scared. Dev would feel as if a part of it was set on fire. Dev was addicted to Sonu. Sonu had become necessity now.
   They shared and still share a bond beyond love.  A bond beyond the boundaries of romanticism and affection.

To be continued till last breath...............