Monday, 19 October 2015

Out of love - 27!

I pity time now, for its accused every time for something it can't do!
There were no stars to count, it was morning already yet the unseen dreams and almost unfelt emotions couldnt find a way out.
It's very rare
To find a person
Who really takes care
Of you 
Your dreams
Your insanity
Your weirdness
Your uniqueness 
As is.
Either you respect everybody or you don't respect anybody. Let's not distort the spirit of respect. 
A shirt wet with friend's tears never dries.
Her eyes were burning and my heart was ashes already. 
Conversations happened but there was a strange and an awkward silence inbetween.That magic was almost lost.
And then with the flow
she went to a different
sea shore
and I couldnt stop her
because she wasnt mine
A part of me died
That heart in me cried
I couldnt believe
She wasnt mine
They ruined my most priced possession and they thought the inability to breathe was called being Dead!!
A slight
Essence of failure
A dash
Of betrayal
A tinch
Of hearbreak 
Have made
Me strong
As never before!

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