Monday, 16 November 2015

Out of love - 31!

What is right
May or may not
Bless the sight
Shall always
Lead you to some
Shoot that faith and hope which pretend to give you a better tommorow! 
If distractions give you your share of peace and escapism, then why get rid of them.
The suicide note wasn't surprising at all, it was just a well articulated form of the screaming wet pillow every morning
go down the road and damn the read. You dont need to be cautious anyways.
Composition of bricks and cement vs a combination of people you would love to share your space with. 
It's strange how we hate the art which resides in us yet love the spirit of art which surrounds. 
Suffocation is fatal, pain fortunately isn't. 
It's strange how
Things that used
To affect me then
Don't affect me now

Either I've 
Accepted them 
Or I've become
Comfortably numb
And they thought residence and home meant the same.

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