Saturday, 21 November 2015

Art, as is!

They are wrong when they say art is a MEDIUM of expression. Yes! they are. Art is an emotion which flows in you and me, it neither requires a name nor a medium. All it ever needs or rather is based on is soul and love. Nothing more than that and nothing less than that.
There are times when one feels like giving up, quitting or maybe something similar to these emotions and feels lighter, better or calm once they get connected with art. Listening, hearing, speaking everything that surrounds and resides in you is art.
You are the medium of art and not vice versa.
Art can or rather always helps you in one way or the other. It is like an unseen yet felt friend, it stands by and for you without asking for anything in return. It stays with you FOREVER.
Some feel they are art themselves, some consider art as a part of their soul, basically different people give you different perspectives about art.
But, what remains constant is that ART is so close to us. Art is not a medium for us, we are mediums of art!

Therefore, Art is an emotion and a friend both! :D

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