Thursday, 12 November 2015

An incomplete joy!

As I sit on this cold uncomfortable marble floor, trying to look at the sky while the grey suffocating smoke tries to burn my eyes and suffocate me. All I crave for is you grandpa.

As I nibble this chocolate which isn't tasting very sweet today for some reason there is a series of flashbacks of our moments. Whether it be putting candles, re-arranging the already set lights, that excitement of getting a gift from you and most importantly the diwali dinner.
Today this festival is back yet again this bungalow is well lit yet again, there are fancy candles everywhere, the cook has done a fantastic job as usual but this isn't my HAPPY diwali. This is my fourth diwali without you. But that void remains as it is. That space which belonged to you still belongs to you, obviously.

I know you are there shining bright somewhere in the night sky, making millions smile by glowing brighter than the brightest up there. Being the reason of hope for thousands by twinkling there in the dark.  However, optimistic I try to sound or pretend at the end of the day the fact remains the same i.e. I MISS YOU.

Diwali has lost its essence of light now it's all about that suffocating smoke which tries hard to conjest my chest and burn my eyes. This day has just become an official day to flaunt now. Going to places exchanging gifts and not smiles or hugs, wishing people despite of hating them and what not.
This wouldn't have happened had you been there.
Anyways, you shine on there in the sky, while I pretend to be happy and content.
Universe has probably promoted you. Initially you only had to take care of my smile, now you have to do that for a zillion people. I know you're doing your job well.
I may or may not learn this art of making people smile but I think I'll just ensure that I atleast don't hurt people.

Keep glowing my old man, for that is my light irrespective of Diwali.

I love you!
And I miss you beyond words!

Yours and only yours,
Naughty girl.

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