Tuesday, 24 November 2015

A possession and beyond!

This place is a possession which makes me feel rich. It's like a shoulder on which you can rest and cry. It's one of those healers where you could go broken, fragmented, shattered and almost shredded and by the time you'd leave this place for the day you can actually very very honestly feel rejuvenated.
Yes! This composition of bricks and cement restores my faith on magic every damn day.
As they say you come here as a student and end up being a resident of this dusty crazy beyond home like thing.
I call this place, an emotion, a possession, a friend and anything  which I'd ever need.
A necessity, an addiction, a friend, a lover, an obsession and most importantly the best therapist this universe will ever have!!!

Glow on you school of dreamers and believers.

You were, you are and shall always remain the priority of my life.
Giving you love is something beyond my capacity for you have defined and embed love in me.

Glow on!!!!!

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