Saturday, 7 November 2015

Out of love 30!

It cared
It Loved 
For it was
All it had 
To give 
And take 
In the end people show you their true colors and that is exactly the time when you realise that their is a mirror in you in which they finally see their reflection. 
If it doesn't fade away, make a window and let it escape
Nobody felt the pain those stitches gave, all they saw was an ugly patch on the face they (un)fortunately saw quite often.
It went beyond the colours only to realise who beautifully magical the colourful soulful black was....
Light is bright, they say
for me its a matter of sight.

I find night sky bright
For it treats me better
Without any fight.
death is dark
life is darker
giving up is THE DARKEST
That transition from Tantra Tees to Allen Solley shirts had made her realize that life had changed. Changed drastically
"i only believe, what I see" she said, before she folded her hands to pray to God. Unseen and unfelt as usual. Hypocricy's ego was massaged yet again
Though it's mighty and majestic, it still remains black. 

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