Saturday, 1 April 2017

Out of love - 78!

That crack in my soul that you and i refuse to acknowledge is exactly the place where my stream of art flows from!
To you your vulnerability is beautiful, but for the world it'll always be an opportunity to exploit.
Next time before I ask you for anything I will certainly remind my self to not ask you
There wouldn't have been any heart ache if we didn't make memories out of our moments.
All of us want our pieces to heal but the irony is we will never acknowledge our pieces.
Magic is entirely a matter of faith!
Your restlessness will force you to crave for home.
Pain may choose to leave your body, but the impact that it leaves on the soul is pretty much forever!
It doesn't hurt everyday,
It just pinches once in a while and
that's exactly when you realise
that it has been there, throughout
and you had just chosen to not acknowledge it,
when it was giving subtle signals.
But, life never said it would be easy and hope never claimed to be real, anyway.

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