Saturday, 29 April 2017

Out of love - 80!

You know what matters?
Our stories are nothing but a little exaggeration of incidents and accidents that happen everyday!
Love is not a land that you share,
It's like the air that surrounds.
Love flows.
Let's just accept that we aren't afraid of people leaving us, what scares us is the fact that they'd move on & we wouldn't!
You're strong you survived with the poison, the world is weak don't let it out; they will lose faith in the good that the world has.
You're one of those mistakes that I want to forget but not erase.
This pain,
Doesn't haunt
Or love me
You can't en-cash the hurt, but if you don't en-cash your pain you are just losing an opportunity!
Drink poison if you must to strive, survive and conquer.
How I wish we could love each other instead of just fixing ourselves under the garb of love, solace or whatever.


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