Monday, 15 January 2018

Dealing With It!

There will be and they better be times when you don’t feel like not being what you are. Existence as a concept feels tedious exhausting and to some extent useless too. Sleep doesn’t kiss and you wake up feeling tired. The whole process of getting out of bed seems like a war. A war that you know you will lose.

It’s in those times, you would want to thank your head that has been so heavy on your shoulder for pushing you. On such days a warm hug could just maybe help you breathe a little more with ease. It would probably help you realise that maybe it is not all that bad even though you know it is much worse than what you choose to accept. But, has a dose of love harmed anyone as yet?

Love has done good to me, till now at least. Hugs, coffee and an exemplary mentor has been there all this while. You know it helps to have someone. Someone you can talk to, someone who will always be there or so you believe, someone who has the patience to listen to your rants, someone who will be there to say, it’ll all be okay.

Maybe this is our survival kit. Maybe this our bad day box love. Maybe this just is what it is!

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