Sunday, 28 January 2018

You Haven't Loved The Wrong Person!

You haven’t loved
The wrong person
There is no wrong person
To be loved
Haven’t you heard?
“Love is blind”
It can’t see, it can’t judge
It’s love not an answer sheet.

There is a reason why our
Schools are incapable of
Teaching love,
For every exam they take on it
For every grade they give for it
Will be killing it
And maybe that’s why they don’t.

You love or loved
Because you felt the need to
You made it your home
Because you craved for it
You gave it all
Because you wanted to.

It’s okay,
If your love wasn’t accepted
Or your lover failed to reciprocate it
You see love is an art
Selfless, pious and tough.

There will be people and beings
Who fall for it,
Some may fall in it,
But, you have no option
But to rise in it.

Those who can’t love back
Deserve love, yes, they do
Everything deserves love
How can they not!

And if lovers like us
Give up who is going
To help them fill
That void.

Yes, you’re heartbroken
Yes, you’re hurting
Yes, you’re giving up
But, NO, you can’t give up
On loving, on the concept of love
And most importantly on
Your ability to love.

It maybe okay someday
Or it may never be fine
But, never forget you’re
Blessed and so you love
And so you must continue
To love,
Now and ALWAYS.

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