Tuesday, 16 January 2018

The Finest Shoulder Pain!

Their is a certain charm to a terrible almost life taking shoulder pain. You suddenly start realising the weight of your head, and trust me it seems to be heavier than a big boulder, a little left and right you move your face and damn you will realise the value of all Gods that have ever existed for the human race.

The worst part, it is nothing! Yes, that is what it is, NOTHING. No fracture, rupture etc, it is just plain - raw- blatant pain. If I had to express how it feels like, I would probably compare it to a lonely night without the moon. As if your wounds have been left open, heat burns it, cold winds pinch it and of course ignorance by beloveds aggravates it.

The most beautiful part of this thing is, you are constantly claiming to be okay, because; Duh! Shoulder pain at 21 is no excuse. So yes, you are constantly in pain, internally screaming externally smiling. Nobody even know about it and there is hardly anything you can do about it either.

However, a warm hug, maybe a good coffee and a heating pad could be your best friends, but alas; people like me hardly get the best. Rest obviously is up to time and Dua!

So here I am, ranting, whining and cribbing. That’s all. Oh yes! I have been using the Moov spray more than my deodorants. I smell of Moov. Now can this pain please move on and away?

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