Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Out of love - 86!

Your un-fought battles aren’t your victories, they are an evidence of your fear for the battleground.
Under the sun it’s usually me,
Under the moon it’s always you.
If you choose to tolerate the pain to test your perseverance or for some other reason, despite having an option to get rid of it. Just know, that it’s a choice that you made.
Healing is not a choice, it’s a necessity. Give it the time, patience and warmth it deserves.
A heartbreak is an evidence of a beautiful bond and the fact that a heart just doesn’t only pump blood.
Trust, hope, faith, love and magic do not exist as a concept but then there is someone somewhere who has all these in you and that probably adds to the real quotient in these!
The feeling of less weak is maybe the beginning of experiencing strength.
Decisions have consequences and love is a conscious decision, to think it won’t have consequences is a thought you wish was true!
On the nights you can’t sleep
And on the days at work
Where you can’t breathe and weep
Remember, there’s a moon out there
And maybe and just maybe so
There is a bit of hope and solace
Out there and within.
But even if someday the darkness chooses to end, will you be able to accept the piercing light that will steal away all the solace and comfort darkness gave you?

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