Sunday, 7 January 2018

Now that you have!

Now that you have
Blatantly, publicly and obviously
Very authoritatively expressed
That I am a little way too less
Than what you thought, wanted, desired
And very religiously programmed me to be
I might as well accept
What you want me to believe.

Yes! A hundred times, yes
I am not what you wanted me to be
I am what I am what I am meant to be
With a million flaws, a gazillion errors
An absolute misfit in your world
But, does that mean I have no right
To dream, believe and love?

I crave for sleep, when you’re fast asleep
I crave for warmth, when you hug others around
I crave for smiles, when you shoot my pride
I crave and crave some more
For that’s all I have from you and more.

It’s all okay and fine
I choose to be what I am
Today and tonight
I stand for myself
Tall and strong
Wrap my self in my own warmth.

I dream. I rise. I work.
And that is what
My composition of pride
Looks like.

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