Thursday, 27 November 2014


I hate this device not because I don't like getting clicked,  but simply because it captures moments of happiness.  Every picture says more than 10000 words. Uncountable emotions are captured,  every smile this commodity captures becomes a memory.
But,  my major problem is that people these days instead of living the moment focus on capturing the moment.
Recently,  I went to a dance event where children hardly 9-10 years old were dancing. As soon as the performance started almost every parent in the hall took out their phones,  cameras and what not and started recording the performance instead of enjoying it Live.
I am not saying one shouldn't click pictures all I'm trying to convey is that living the moment is much more important than capturing the moment.
So, live, dream and smile for yourself,  smell the fragrance of that happy moment and trust me your brain will capture the moment more beautifully than any DSLR  camera!

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