Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Serenity is Triveni!

Triveni Kala Sangam, a place where I realised the importance and value of peace. This place is technically a school for music,  art, dance, photography and sculpture.Three rooms in this amazing place are reserved for art exhibitions excluding one open art gallery.
I joined this school to continue learning the love of my life i.e. TABLA. Initially I used to go straight to the class room and learn the days lesson and leave the premises as soon as my class got over.
One day I was in a bad mood,  so I decided to go to Triveni 2 hours before my class started. In order to deviate my mind went inside the art gallery and to my surprise the moment I entered the gallery my face had a broad grin. I saw each and every painting in the gallery with utmost concentration, I spent good 10 mins looking at one painting. That day I realised the value of expression. I realised colours could express more than words. And every painting has a story behind it and every artist meditates while painting.
After I left the art gallery I decided to spend somethime in the Open Art Gallery. I just sat in the gallery for 1 hour and my mind was at peace. My mood was calm now. I didn't know what led to this change but I loved that peace within me. So, I decided to go before time the next day also sat in the open art gallery clicked pictures of the sky, trees, walls and almost everything. For a person like me who hated photography this was a drastic change. I clicked around 25-30 pictures. Whenever I looked at the sky above I found it beautiful,  for birds their chirps became music to my ears and for the smell of paints the finest fragrance on Earth.
Oh yeah!  Not to forget the amazing canteen where I religiously have an ice cream and a Fanta. The staff knows me well now and doesn't even ask for my order now, they just give me what I want and on my part I don't even ask for the bill and straight away put forty rupees on the table. One fine day the cashier asked me "madam aap 3 din se aaye nahi sab theek hai na? " I was surprised by this question I never knew a cashier would be so concerned. Nevertheless,  I replied and said "haan dada sab theek hai, chinta mat kariye". To which he smiled. I later realised I had started loving that place so much that everyone part of that place became an essential part of my life.
Every room in Triveni became my room whether it was dance room, flute room, music room or the canteen.  I felt those rooms waited for me, this might sound weird but that's exactly what I feel. I never knew Triveni would become my best companion.
The rooms, people, staff, paintings or I can simply say I love Triveni the way it is.
Triveni is the only school which taught me what exactly is meant by serenity, peace and selfless love.

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