Friday, 21 November 2014

Worth of a hug!

One day I was really upset for some reason. I was sitting on the staircase of my college with my arms folded, back straight and legs crossed. Everything was usual in the corridor. Then suddenly a professor came taped my head and said come let's go for a walk. I didn't know her very well she had never taught me we had just met during an event and that too for a very short period of time. Nevertheless, I accompanied her for a walk. We went outside the college without uttering a single word. When we were at least 200 meters away from college she said, "Hi" and I replied the same. After about 2 mins later she asked me at times it's just okay to cry instead of feeling suffocated within. The very next moment i hugged her tight, really tight and cried, cried a lot. After crying for a good 10 mins she wiped my tears gave me a smile and said are you feeling better now? to which i nodded. Then she kept her hand on my head and said always remember one thing in life " At times all you have to do is let your emotions flow and a shoulder to cry on", I didn't say anything after that. We continued walking for a while. After a while I asked her, Ma’am! you didn't ask me what happened, to which she replied " I wanted you to share on your own when you felt better", I smiled and after a while told her everything. I gave her a detailed account of what had happened each and every possible detail. She listened to the whole story very patiently and then gave me a simple solution for the same.
I was feeling much better now or rather I felt relieved.  By, this time we had reached the parking lot where her car was parked. She was just about to sit in her car when I said thank you, she looked back smiled and hugged me again. We exchanged our contact numbers, she told me to whatsap her once I reached home and then she left.
I walked towards the metro station while thinking about the sequence of events that had happened in the last one hour, I couldn’t really understand why did all this happen, how did it happen and the usual set of primary questions flooded my head.
All I now knew was at times all you need is GOOD TIGHT HUG and A SHOULDER TO CRY ON!

Hence never underestimate the power of hug! J

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