Saturday, 29 November 2014

Hugs bring smiles!

I was sitting in the lobby like any other day, when my phone rang. It was a call from an unknown number. Nonetheless, i recieved the call. It was a call from my friend. She had called up from a near by PCO. All she said to me during our 30 second conversation was meet me in the park in the next 5 minutes. Before I could ask her something she disconnected the line. 
I rushed to the park as i was really worried about her. I reached before she was there. I waited for a minute or two when I saw her coming running towards me with tears in her eyes. She hugged me tight and cried, cried her heart out for about 15 minutes. 
After that i wiped her tears put my hand on her shoulder and asked her what had happened, she told me the whole story. The situation was such that even i didn't have a solution to the problem. Nevertheless, i tried to lighten her mood, but alas no success. I didn't know what to do so i gave her a big bear hug and to my surprise the moment i gave her a warm hug she was smiling, her forehead didn't have evil lines of tension now. It was pretty visible that she felt better after the hug.
We sat on the only vacant bench in the park had a chit-chat session, until she felt relaxed. After the chat session we decided to go home togethere. I decided to drop her home first. We walked to her house with another session of jokes and crazy talks. When we reached her house she gave me a warm hug and said I feel calm now, to which I smiled. As i turned to go back she held my hand from behind and said " promise, you will never ever ditch me or leave me" and I with full confidence said I PROMISE! and I smiled again left the place.
While i was coming back home, a flashback of the series of event that had happened  ran through my head and made me realise 2 things:
1) At times all a person craves for is a friend to sit by her side and say no matter what i am always there.
2) Hugs can make all the difference.
So, ladies and gentelmen try spending time with your near and dear ones., You never know the turmoil going inside that person and the amount of craving she has for a person to sit by and say ALL IS WELL!

Keep spreading smiles and love! :D

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