Friday, 21 November 2014


Some call it a cowardly act, others call it stupidity. At times the world thinks people who attempt or try to commit suicide are either escapists or losers in life. At times I wonder have these human units ever thought why does a person think about something called SUICIDE! It is  pretty obvious nobody likes to hurt themselves. Right? I think human units these days are way more than too busy to lend an ear to listen to other person's problem and that is exactly the reason why I call such people human UNITS and not not human BEINGS. I am not in favour of suicides. I am against it too. But that is not the solution.
In this rat race to come first, the skill and the ability to not tolerate the second position has made us so insensitive that we have forgotten basic lessons of humanity. Maybe that's what we call development unfortunately. One might help a friend or a relative monetarily but lending a shoulder to cry on seems to be a herculean task. I am not saying that one shouldn't help in terms of finances. All I am trying to convey is at times we all need something beyond materialistic pleasures like a hug from a person we love, a kiss from a person who is concerned about us or at times just a shoulder to cry on. Yes! at times we all need that. You need it, I need it, in short all of us need/require it at some point in time. 
I don't know all the reasons behind suicide. But one of the most common and prominent reason why teenagers and youngsters commit suicide is due to PRESSURE FOR MARKS and  PRESSURE FOR A GOOD CAREER. Now what I fail  to understand is, since when did marks and career become more important than one's life? Have we reached that level where the potential of an individual is measured in terms of marks or his/her pay scale?  I myself am a victim of this absolutely ridiculous Indian Education system and an abnormally weird Indian society too. But i choose to fight back instead of giving up!

So just remember SUCIDE is not a cowardly act it is a way of showing pain and suffering. Best way to help a suicidal person is to spend time with them. Talk to them, party with them make them believe that you are there no matter what. And most importantly give them a hug. Trust me it is the best thing possible, best form of expression, best way to tell you are always there!

Spread Love folks! :)

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