Sunday, 29 March 2015

Depression vs Deepika's Depression!

Deepika Padukone's interview on NDTV about depression is being considered as a VERY BOLD move etc. I'm not saying it's not but then people or the media will only focus on celebrities. We have people who fight with depression everyday. Deepika had her family, loved ones etc by her side and had a very access to all forms of medication. What is to be done when you don't have your loved ones on your side? What does one do when you can't access any form of treatment? What is to be done when you don't even know that what you are suffering from is called DEPRESSION? that point of time where you find yourself stuck, a stage where everything is stagnant, you somehow feel very suffocated, hated by others. That stage when you think of commiting a suicide everyday but don't commit it because all you can think of is what if you don't die and that will probably lead to a rampant firing of questions for which you aren't ready. That level where expression becomes the nastiest thing possible, not because what you express will be disgusting it's the fear of being hated. The unbearable pain of becoming unloved and most hated. A stage where you want things to move even if they are for the worse because that obnoxious stagnation is shredding you. A point where you want to shout out and tell the world that you have had enough and you are not going to divide your soul anymore no matter what.
That stage when you think injuring yourself is a better idea so that it deviates your mind from an invisible pain to a more visible pain.
And above all everything that you feel can be termed as an ATTENTION SEEKING ACT!
Anyways, who cares.
Well done Deepika!
And thank you NDTV.
For people who aren't celebrities: know that you aren't significant.

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