Thursday, 26 March 2015

It's just a game!

So, India lost a mere semi final and the nation goes head over heels. Apparently,  nobody cares that our team won so many matches and reached the semi final. Maybe appreciating efforts isn't our thing.
Moreover, what angers me the most is why on Earth is cricket given so much importance. We recently won the world kabaddi championship but then who cares. Right?
Sadly enough the nauseating sexist mentality of this country shall never end. Sensible people have applied the best of their senses and have declared Anushka Sharma responsible for Australia's victory. far as I remember I didn't see her in the ground but then I am not sensible enough in this society of commendable human units. It's obnoxious how the media tries to potray a mere audience responsible for our defeat. I strongly believe we need some kind of a SWACCH DIMAG abhiyan for this country.
Such times force me to question our level of sensibilities!

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