Monday, 2 March 2015

education system???

Dear makers of the education system!
What did you think before coming up with 'the education system'? Did you want to see how does a 95% look on a 10 inch sheet? Or you wanted to know how does it feel to have a 47%? Or you were curious to know how does a student get suicidal once they don't get into the desired college?
If this is what you aimed at then I must say you have implemented your system very well.
But, just in case you people aimed at increasing the number of educated people and not literate people, just in case you aimed to make good human beings and not produce engineers and lawyers, just in case you focused on making this planet full of love and not stuffed with the obnoxious rat races.
In that case I think you have eyes and mind to see what has happened, is happening and will happen in the coming months.
I am NOT a part of this system.
I am a VICTIM of this system.
And that's sad, very sad.

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