Saturday, 21 March 2015

Turning 19! :D

This is a big shout out Thank you to all lovely people who made the day special by wishing me and making me feel loved.
Favourite person's wishes made my day happier, loveable and worth smiling. The craving to hug her will never subside though.
Rock solid support from my people Shubhangi Gagandeep Manvendra Avinash bhaiya Pathak Chinmaya Karthika Jyoti Dyuti  Aman and Brian make each day of existence worth it.
Guneev Puri is one courageous woman who has the audacity and courage to tolerate me the way I am. :*
Triveni Kala Sangam you already know you are the best place on Earth. You have made life pleasant and birthday a fantastic occasion to celebrate. Special thank you to canteen wale bhaiya for making the best coffee :)
Thank you so much fellow human beings for making existence since 1996 bearable.
To amazing 19 years of living.
And hopefully some more to come.
Love and hugs! :* <3
Dated : 20 - March - 2015

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