Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Shutting up ain't a bad idea!

Dear fellow citizens of India!

I am so glad to know that some Indians exercises their RIGHT OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH & EXPRESSION with utmost sincerity. Making ridiculous statements on various issues like 'it was the girl's fault when she got raped', 300 reasons to quit beef but not even 3 statements on how a country can or should develop, how hindu men should rape dead Muslim women. The list is inexhaustible.
Well.....since these citizens are using their rights with this level of dedication. I think I'll also use my right here and say:
SHUT UP! Because I can't go down to their level. Moreover my government expects me to be 'Sanskaari'.
Therefore, all those who are abnormally curious about what I eat, what I should wear or shouldn't wear, which mode of transportation should I use, when should I party etc. I assure you people you shall die blabbering because I won't even bother to listen to you.
Happy speaking.
Though I'd suggest that you conserve your energy or use it for a better job.
With love,
Just another citizen.

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