Saturday, 28 March 2015

Freedom of Expression?

It's funny and equally sad that how people are so very SCARED of expression. People will ban a documentary because the views given were apparently offensive, but then raping women is so very normal. Their is a word limit in any article that you write and if it's for an examination your marks will be deducted for exceeding the same. What do you think a writer does not have the mind to analyse whether when he or she should put a stop to his or her article? Do you think a student is so stupid that he or she will write an article till eternity and will not attempt the rest of the exam?
Lyrics of a song are termed vulgar only because it talks about sex, vagina, politics etc. But then you see all the things are so very unnatural. Politics is not for a common man. This world is probably running without having sex and a vagina is something which is only available on venus,
Djembe will be deemed because only tribal and unsophisticated people used to play, as if the times in we live is the epitome of sophistication.
Plays will be censored just because they condemned the political system, they speak against the wrong and that is considered a legitimate reason for BANNING a particular play,
At times I feel that this planet has been officially deprived of the charm to live and express and that is the saddest thing which can ever happen.

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