Sunday, 20 December 2015

Faith: A sinner!

I don't fear
The one's who
Lose faith
I fear the
One's who
Love to have
Faith and trust .

The ones who
Their trust
Is smashed
Again and again
The one's who
They're the one's
Who have given up
On faith and trust
On love and passion
They're the ones
Who are beyond
Probably somewhere
Near numbness.

I fear that
Their faith on faith
May get shattered
It is bound to
The world doesn't
Value it
I have almost
Lost the ability
To have faith
In faith.

I hate this
I can't help it either
I'm too numb
To feel what
It is like
To feel scars
On your soul
Wounds in your

Faith has ditched me
And hence
I've ditched it too

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