Saturday, 12 December 2015

Out of love - 34!

2 people met to have a conversation in a peaceful place with lips sealed, silences exchanged and frequent eye contacts made.
Never has a conversation felt so fulfilling and enriching!
Scars: An evidence of idiocracy and bravery.
From here to there
was a journey unfair
yet it travelled to unveil 
its lesser known 
Art is an empathiser, not a healer.
That level of freedom when you are bound to feel free.
Do you not fear, the fear of acknowledging my fear? 
Anything whether it be work or academics is a mere source of escapism from the much feared dreamland.
It had to be the STUPIDEST species (homo sapien sapiens or human beings) who would invest their money in something known as mirror only to capture the image of their body in their head and see themselves as others believed they were. Never had individuality or uniqueness felt so ashamed before.
They thought black and white never made love, hadn't they seen the mighty moon propose the night sky while the stars applauded? 
Species apart from us need help to be caged, but we are a self sufficient species we do the needful ourselves.

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