Thursday, 17 December 2015


Times change
But, habits don't
They stay with you
Now and forever
Same is the case
With love and passion
They initially become
Your habit
And then
You become habitual
Of it.

Some habits you
Other habits choose
But in the end
Your habit is
What forms
Your habitat
Whether, it be
Comfortable or not
Beautiful or not
But, what remains
Constant is that
It's yours
Yours very truly

You may hate it
At times
Maybe love it
But your habits
Make you
What you are
The way you
They are a part
Of you
The way you
Are a part of
The world.

They may play
An unacknowledged
But they still
Hold some significance
And hence
You got to
Respect your
For they have
Made and bulit
Yes! You
The one who's
Loved by many.

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