Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Out of love - 36!

Dreamer of sorts 
Wanderer of types 
Sinner of various genres 
Where is that 
Magic and spark 
Which it had 
The spark which 
Is found nowhere now.
the only thing that prevents you from an ending is a mere hope that pretends to re assure you that somethings might end themselves
If I could count my blessings, I wouldn't count you twice or thrice. I'd just replace the term blessing with  you, for you are exactly what the term blessing means to me.
Patterns and confusions 
colours and light 
Trying to bless 
The black and white
World with some 
Happiness and delight.
Instead of making decisions on the basis of what makes us happy and sad we usually choose to opt for what usually would sound right to the world. 
There really is no way in which you can understand the way of this world
Neither did I lose a battle
Nor a business deal 
All I lost were the 
Emotions I used to feel 
It's solely because of science that logic keeps winning over fantasy and imagination.
The glitter in it's eyes was gone as it picked up its 5 digit salary cheque.
It pinched me
Then it scratched
And finally ate 
My soul like 
A wicked parasite 

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