Saturday, 19 December 2015

Out of love - 35!

Everything that I do, has a tinch 
The best part about failure is that it never fails to fail the spirit of failure.
From being none to one
To learning the
Difference between
Running away and run
Life had taught its
Lessons which
She had finally learnt
Humans and humanity, a rare combination. Indeed.
There is a certain level of peace and ease that you can only feel when you are with people who are your pillars of existence.
Real family is a bunch of those people with whom you don't have a single picture because you are too busy making memories.
Some battles are fought solely to lose so that you can realise the beauty of not winning.
I have either been black
Or completely white
I haven't really experienced
What grey is like.
All that the people in power fear is the power of love.
I'm neither you
Nor me
I don't know
What exactly
I want to

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