Sunday, 21 February 2016

Out of love - 42!

I didn't even realise that my possession wasn't mine anymore!
The brutal un - undo able mistakes
Which almost tend to convert
Your unhealed bruises into
Scars, forever
Are important.
Yes! They are
So that you tend
To learn the importance
Of healers and healers of sorts.
From daily dose of weird conversations to occasionally weird conversations and now to rare formal conversations, they had travelled a long distance away and apart from each other!
Hiding from the light,
She ran out of sight
Till she realised
Darkness was the only source
Of peace and delight
Death is a blessing, which will embrace you once you've sinned enough to survive.
You realise how stupid you have been all your life only when you come to know that your CONSTANTS were also temporary!
From distances to differences was a journey of misconceptions and misinterpretations.
In the maze of words they pretended to find each other.
They preferred incomplete sentences, for the full stop was their mutual fear.
She re assured her that she was there and all her unhealed wounds and bruises vanished automatically.

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