Monday, 29 February 2016

Out of love - 43!

From unhealed wounds to scars was a difficult journey, but from scars to numbness was a cake walk.
Connections may or may not be re established but bonds certainly aren't.
i travelled from one place to another, only to realise how captivated my footsteps were.
Travelled around and across the world, pretended to meditate a bit, nothing helped. Finally, found a tinch of peace in her glowing eyes.
No matter what a little bit of light and a thin ray of hope will always make there way to your dark soul 
Unquote those familiar quotes and you'll probably realise why they embrace pain with such grace.
In this quest to be yours truly, have I lost you already?
Only if you could pretend to acknowledge my silence. The silence which has been vocal for sometime now. 
The reason why I can't get rid of the ugly art that resides in me is probably because of the unwept tears!
A reply instead of blue ticks and the deepest sigh of relief. 


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