Thursday, 11 February 2016

Numb and confused!

It was there 
But it really wasn't 
You could see it
It could see itself too
But, that thing 
Which differentiates 
Between living and existence 
Was missing 
It was gone 
Gone for almost forever.

Almost seemed 
Like a dreadful 
Misty morning 
The one in which 
You can 
Neither see things clearly
Nor breathe properly 
It all looks good 
From your window 
But your perceptions change 
Once you step out
Of your warm comfortable zone.

It knows it breaths 
Isn't sure about 
Being alive 
They say it smiles 
And hence is 
Happy always 
But it 
Doesn't know what 
Being happy or sad is
It's almost numb now
Numb in the 
Most brutal form.

Probably at one 
Of those stages 
Pain rage and anger 
Refuse to accept it
It's confused 
It really is
Numb and confused 

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