Sunday, 28 February 2016

Need indeed!

You're not air
You aren't water
Yet, you're much more
Essential than these two.

We may not talk everyday
We don't meet very often
But, I know you're there
And you know that too.

Your smile, my happiness
The glow in your eyes
Is how I define bliss
Your signature, my healer.

I don't fear to lose you
Maybe because,
I don't have the courage
To fear that fear.

I want to hold on
The times we spent
The memories we've made
And the ones we will make

I know you're there
Now and hopefully forever
You aren't a blessing
You're exactly how a blessing is

I don't know what
This bond is called
Maybe there isn't a name to it
To me this is a bond beyond blessings.

The bond which gives me
The freedom to be
Be what I'm
Without thinking at all.

Your being there
Is what I need
Yes, NEED.
For you're essential indeed.

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