Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Her faith, her strength!

She was on the verge of
Losing an unfought battle
But then
She knew she had a
Magical person who
Had faith in her.

The kind of faith
Which they never
Spoke or discussed about
But, it was there.
Like the moon
Which exists
Why? You don't know
How? You don't know, again
It's there
It just is.

That faith
Is what holds
Her tight ALWAYS
That faith which
Doesn't let her
That faith which
She looks at
Every now and then.

The magical person knows
What she means to her
Her signature, her healer
Her faith, her strength
Her existence, her happiness
She doesn't have to remind
That she has faith on her
She just knows that
Magical person is there
There always.

Magic may or may not
Be an illusion
But the magical person's
Faith is real
And this is the reality
Which she loves to accept
Every minute of her life.

This is a bond
A bond beyond blessing
Which is treasured
With every breath
Nurtured every minute
Accepted with an emotion
Beyond happiness.

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