Friday, 13 May 2016

Out of love - 52!

As I waited for the  grey ticks to turn blue, I knew my anxiety would get converted into a heart break.
We may or may not win battles, but wars are meant for losers to lose, obviously. 
Different shades, 
similar stories, 
same ink 
a long wait for glory!
That place where it used to hurt bad, is turning numb. The broken pieces that used to pinch, have evaporated. There is a void that is going to stay for a little more than forever. 
I never believed in forevers you made me believe in them and now you are the reason why I neither believe in forevers nor in love.
It began to end and the end re- assured a new beginning. Such is the synchronization between the two.
The sound of the rains was like a medicine to those unhealed barren wounds. It felt as if they got some love and life.
I neither deserve to be ignored nor am I meant for ignorance. But, I still bear it from you because I crave for you more than I love you.
Those un-flown tears left the worst scars. 
From being a second option to now not being an option, I had learnt how to rebuild myself, all alone.

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