Thursday, 19 May 2016

Out of love - 53!

What you see is a lie
What I want you to see is a lie
What I show you is a lie
What you know is the only truth that you should believe.
Once passion enters an industry it is seen as a product. A product is always used to make business. And once something becomes a business it is supposed to give returns, and that is exactly how your passion gets converted into a profit making deal!
Those blue ticks on WhatsApp are important, they tell me my worth in your life.
Home is a feeling, not a place.
And for the first time they had a silent conversation and a part of their bond cried and a bit of their soul died, it was their promise for forever that kept them tied all this while.
Even when the days are terrible and nights are sob worthy , I'll still be there to make you smile, laugh and just be.
I didn't know what they meant by solace until I slept in her lap.
The front is attractive they say, haven't they seen the impressions of struggle on the back?
Let it be, you won't be able to see the patch that makes the most of me. It's ugly, nasty yet mine.
Solace and numbness are disgracefully proportional, usually. 

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